Distribuidora Heimdal S.A.S.

Distribuidora Himdal S.A.S, Barranquilla, Colombia was founded 2014 by Boehm GmbH, Germany for the South and Middle American market.
Distribuidora Himdal S.A.S, sells cable protection equipment, mainly for the energy and telecommunication industry.

Our competent team in Barranquilla guarantees You best and fastest service, combined with shortest reaction time. Heimdal holds an extensive stock of all sizes of HeiblSpacers (in inch) for corrugated as well as for non corrugated tubes. By that, we can ensure delivery times even overnight, when required. This helps You to reduce Your costs by eliminating unnecessary waiting time.

HeiblSpacers, being produced in Germany are successfully sold all over Europe since more than 35 years. This vast experience, quality and reliability, connected to “Made in Germany” ensures that Heimdal S.A.S is YOUR partner in finding solutions for Your needs!

Trust in us, trust in Distribuidora Heimdal S.A.S
We will be happy to assist You!